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Author, Mary Elizabeth Griswold McCracken Bell, together with her husband, retired, United States Air Force and New Jersey Air National Guard (special operations) husband,  Lt. Colonel James Bell are delighted to present, to you this website and our free offer of the Handbook of Armor, "Go, Cancer, Leave!", at ZERO COST TO YOU...
Together, they share their love and support for "cancer patients" and their families on this website.  Please email: bellentmediallc@gmail.com for your free handbook or contact us using the form below.


The, adorable, little, Handbook of Armor -  is available at ZERO COST, to anyone either, experiencing Cancer or loving someone, experiencing Cancer.


The Author, Mary, a cancer survivor, herself, wrote, during her early "diagnosis, of cancer in 2005.  Finally, being self published by JAM BELL Entertainment Media LLC in 2023.  


This little "Handbook of Armor", dubbed book, "Go, Cancer, Leave!" is designed to be held in the "palm of ones hand".  Colorful and binded by either a pink or blue Cancer Ribbon, (your choice).  The tiny book allows for a truly, personal and deeply felt experience, upon reading. 


Read, either alone or shared with loved ones, the short "Handbook of Armor" is the pure and raw emotions of a "Cancer Patient".  The "Cancer Treatments" are as varied as the types of Cancer.  The hard fought, battle against Cancer, can be so devastating, to its "patients", both, inside and out.  Mary and Jim know, first hand, what a long and scary path the rebuilding back from, Cancer, feels like.


18 years after,  Mary wrote, "Go, Cancer, Leave!", it is now, self published and being offered at ZERO COST, as a  free gift.  The little handbook is designed to have and be held, on hand for easy access, to go along with you as a shield of armor, in your bag or on your bedside table.


18 years after, Mary wrote, "Go, Cancer, Leave!".  It is self published and  being offered, at ZERO COST, to anyone requesting a copy, by mail, postage is free as well.  Simply request your, free copy today, in the form below.  *Please specific a Pink or Blue Ribbon, depending on your preference.  It can even hang from your Christmas Tree as an ornament.
















***JAM BELL Entertainment Media, LLC is the self publisher of all 5 (one novel has 6 volumes as well, and a 2 season script, really totaling 13 written works).  Most are semi-autobiographical novels.   Published on, this inception date, this website launch, gocancerleavemediallc.com on November 19, 2023.


However, only 2 of the books, in the collection, are available to the public, at this time.  The first, book, the "Handbook of Armor", titled;  "Go, Cancer, Leave!" is our charitable way of being kind, during a period of devastation.


Our second novel, "New Jersey, My Love, How Does Your Garden Grow?", is available, in e-book form, or paperback and signed form, for purchase sales price of $9.99 + sales tax, 6% (Florida) + .59 cents, media mail shipping & handling costs of $3.42, totalling $14.00, a paperback copy of 'New Jersey, "My Love, How Does Your Garden Grow?" and every purchase includes the free copy of "Go, Cancer, Leave!"


Either way, "Go, Cancer, Leave!" is absolutely free up0n request a handmade copy with be mailed, at ZERO COST!!!!! directly to your door...Please remember to request, Pink or Blue Ribbon.


Thank you for supporting our small business!  "Go, Cancer, Leave!".  It is a non-profit, subsidary of JAM BELL Entertainment Media, LLC.  After, nominal publishing expenses including the mailing cost, we want to, not only, give the book for ZERO COST, we will take your donations, and give a large portion to Charity, quarterly.   Along with updated photos depicting some of the recipients.  Our charities, of choice are:  "Cancer Patient's" and Victim's of Domestic Violence.  Please help!  I am open to any suggestions of other charities.


We cannot wait for you to have and hold, in the palm of your hand, "Go, Cancer, Leave!"  Please provide feedback.  


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